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About Us

We are a family-owned business looking to enrich lives by cultivating lawns. Now is the time to ensure your lawn, as well as your home, is beneficial to your family. Your family can spend time together outside, or you can have us weed your garden. But no matter what, your family has the option to each fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs handpicked from your own lawn. What could be healthier and better tasting than food grown with love?


RLCLS provides an alternative to the traditional lawn cutting service. RLCLS prefers that you replace your flower garden with vegetables or replace sections of your lawn with rich and colorful edibles.

Most people are in the routine of having their lawn serviced without thinking about the value received from their lawn. Why not change the use of your lawn altogether?

Today, we are more mindful of how we spend and what we receive in return which starts at the home. Whether you own your property or you rent, as long as you are paying for it you should maximize your value.

Lawn care, urban farming, and water conservation are now necessary for communities to impact the environment.  Instead of mowing absorbing the majority of lawn care cost, shift those dollars into providing food and a pleasant environment for your enjoyment with little effort. 

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